欧博体育 is a highly supportive organization that is dedicated to excellence and innovation, 也是你事业发展的理想之地.


我们一直在寻找优秀的人才! 在新月学校, 你会体验到一个充满挑战的工作环境, 多样化的, 温暖而充实. 在国际上被公认和尊重为男孩教育的领导者, 新月是你事业发展的理想之地.

我们学校的核心是我们的员工. 新月学院的所有员工都以学校尊重的核心价值观为榜样, 责任, honesty and compassion as we foster the development of our graduates to men of character from boys of promise. This collective dedication to educational excellence and social-emotional support of our boys inspires our 工作人员 and makes Crescent stand apart.


  • 造型特征

    我们的员工每天都以价值观为基础的生活为榜样. 性格发展是通过关系教学灌输的, 责任, 领导, 指导和创新的课程设计,以保持男孩的参与.

    Our students thrive and grow guided by adults who ensure each student feels known, 作为个体被关心和认可的.
  • 丰富的经验

    我们的教师将现实世界的经验带入每一个课堂, 对学科的热情和对世界的广泛理解. 我们的许多老师都在大学里教过书, universities or schools around the world and share their expertise with our boys.

    Since 2014, four of our teachers have received Prime Minister’s Awards for 教学 Excellence.

    The school 业务 operations are supported by 工作人员 who bring 多样化的 skills, 知识和经验对他们的工作. Administrative colleagues are experts in their fields; they are accountants, 接待员, 筹款活动, 清洁工和电脑专家. Many of our administrative 工作人员 are involved in the boys’ activities as mentors, 教练, 或者作为出差的员工主管.
  • 多样性、包容性、归属感

    欧博体育 strives to be a place where all members of our community feel they belong. This is achieved by living our core values of respect, 责任, honesty and compassion.

    We know that our learning community is enhanced by human differences — the 多样化的 racial, 文化, 以及学生的种族背景, 教师, 工作人员, 家长及校友. 在过去的几年里, 我们积极发展伙伴关系, 组建学生和员工联盟, and launched initiatives designed to make Crescent a more inclusive community. We are proud of the strides that we have made, yet we know that there is always more work to be done.

    You can read about the important work that Crescent is doing to train and educate our students and 工作人员 on our 多样性、包容性、归属感 网页.
  • 无与伦比的工作场所

    As a Crescent employee you have the opportunity to develop and nurture lasting relationships with the students, 你的同事和更广泛的社区. Headmaster Michael Fellin and the Executive Team are passionate about wellbeing and are deeply committed to ensuring that 欧博体育 is a place where 工作人员 and students can thrive.
  • 效益亮点

    • 增强的补偿
    • 广泛的优越福利
    • Teachers’ Pension Plan for those who qualify; a generous school pension plan for others
    • 包括健身课程在内的整体健康方法, 员工社交活动, 专业发展和嘉宾演讲系列
    • 一个强大的和支持性的专业发展计划
    • 最先进的设施资源和户外空间
    • 员工摇滚乐队,曲棍球队,社会委员会等!
    • 每日膳食计划,包括员工午餐和零食



  • 查理·米尔斯,中学老师

    Coming back to teach at Crescent as a member of the Crescent alumni has been quite an honour. 在公立和私立学校做过教职员之后, I can say without reservation that it is the warmest and most supportive environment that I have been able to teach at.
  • 娜塔莉·维拉,高中副校长 & 暑期学术项目主任

    从我开始在新月工作的那一刻起,这里就像家一样. 从第一天起,工作人员和社区就让我感到受欢迎. 我感到被支持和安全. I know I can lean on my colleagues for support and they can do the same with me. I look around at the Crescent community and I see I am surrounded by inspiring professionals and compassionate teachers and learners. 最重要的是,我环顾四周,看到了家人和朋友. 我知道我在一个完美的地方. 它的家!
  • 罗曼·阿伦达兹,杂工

    Working as a handyman at Crescent was my first job when I came to Canada from Poland. 我还是单身,新月就像我的家人. 我在这里度过了很多时光,同事们也成了朋友. 新月是我在加拿大生活的一部分. I have seen lots of changes since I started working here in 1989; three Headmasters and several new buildings. I find working with 工作人员 a pleasure and they always ask me to do things in a pleasant way. 我能感觉到他们也喜欢我. 他们总是问起我和我的家人. 谢谢你给我这个工作机会.
  • 崔西·西斯莱克,图书馆馆长 & 新月男孩教育中心研究主任

    Crescent has allowed me to work with and learn from incredible colleagues. 在一起, 我们有机会尝试新的教学方法, 经历成功与失败, 然后为男孩们创造更好的机会. The Libraries of Crescent are designed to enhance the learning environment for the boys. 我很自豪能在这么多方面影响新月的体验!